Here are some of the areas of activity you will find at Unearthed, blended into a whole.


Welcome Home to Unearthed. Covid may have knocked us down for two years, but we are standing up again! These times have been an opportunity to re-vision and refocus at Unearthed, and we are excited to share that we have a number of new spaces for 2022. Check out the areas below, which include a whole new area, The Temple Arena, for 2022. The Temple arena is our expansion and reascertion of the importance of consciousness and wellbeing. Within which we have the Temple Tent, Goddess Of Many Names, Bright Sky Childrens fire, massage and wellbeing, Magic Teapot, Unearthed Sound System area, Food Souk, Cinema, plus all the goodness of the pre-existing areas we know and love. 

The festivals main stage and home to an excellent mix of talented musicians from around the world. The musical theme is of reggae, world and folk music, we essentially summarise this as ‘roots’ of the land music. This is where the headline act tend to perform. We keep the stage small so that there is a closer connection between the artist and the crowd. With a bar at one end, the open sided stretch tent is the place to be sitting in the sun enjoying the music whilst watching the rest of the festival skip by.

Interactive talks on a wide range of subjects to spark your interest, ecology, health, spirituality - and not politics! Plus the comedy hour 5-6pm.

There is a going to be a new arena at Unearthed festival in 2022, we hope it helps us create a community of conscious joy. A vibrant and dynamic wellness area, with the emphasis on the wellness of our community. The Temple will inspire conscious participation, yoga, tantra, 5 rhythms, story-telling and sacred ceremony and so much more that our community has to share. We hope that this will promote a spirit of consciousness and awareness at Unearthed that will proliferate across the festival, the incubator for a caring supportive loving community .

Led by renowned sound guides Bear Love, Shion Buschner and Craig Shankster, this is all about the power of sound and vibration to take our mind, bodies and awareness to a place deep within, like a guided meditation, that can be felt too in the physical. Maybe it could be called a massage with sound, however it is described you will leave here in a different state of mind to when you entered. Sounds feature the world’s largest production gong (around 2m!), bowls, didgeridoos, harmonium and more. Private sessions may also be offered. This space may seek a voluntary donation.

A new area for 2022, situated within the Temple arena, Circle of Gwynvyd will have a range of content from Zen Tea Journeys and Kombucha workshops to Deep Ecology workshops, Sound Journeys Celtic medicine wheel ceremony!

Paddling pool for kids and sheltered chill areas to listen to smooth reggae grooves and eclectic electronic mixes from hosts Wizard and Woops. During the day folk chill in hammocks and as the sun gives way to the moon, out comes the later night grooves. Dj’s get the vibe bouncing in the area’s tented dance space while outdoors the communal fire brings a real tribal interconnection feel as the drum circle gathers, out come the flutes and pipes and whistles and fiddles, we dance together around the fire and chant in harmony. A really beautiful gathering space and not to be missed. Musicians bring your sonic weapons of choice.

Unearthed Soundsystem was born out of the festival of the same name, but, Unearthed Soundsystem moves about playing Dub, Roots and derivative minimalist Bass inspired music.

A sacred sensuality temple space for all genders. A place to explore conscious curiosity and relational authenticity. A safe space to join in practices such as Shibari, Tantric Communication, Sensual journeys, and share wisdom on Submission & Domination, Open Relating, Conscious Kink and sharing cicles.

Coming Soon!

A magical venue with a fire at its heart, and a real piano around which we build our musical experience. Tea and coffee served in real mugs.We stay open 24 hours, and the vibe ebbs and flows and builds throughout the weekend. The fire, where kettles constantly simmer, draws people in, to join in with the music, or simply sit and enjoy the rich atmosphere.

Traditional Tipi Cinema. Showcasing a diverse array of films and thought provoking documentaries throughout the weekend. With dedicated Kids sessions and films in various languages, there's something for everyone.

Massage and Wellbeing

Destress the mind and body, relax. Offering Aromatherapy, Massage, Raindrop Therapy, Acupressure and much more. The Massage and Wellbeing Area is a place for all to relax and unwind.


Unearthed wouldn't be same without the curiosities brought by our team of stall holders. With offerings ranging from hand made clothes to art, instruments such as didgeridoos, drums, cigar box guitars, tribal clothing, festival essentials, jewellery and more. We aim to keep each stall unique so that in general we reduce ‘competition’ and fuel diversity. The stall holders put a lot of time and love making and sourcing their stalls, so please do support them. There is no cash machine on site, however cashback is available at the bar.

Free Stage

The Free Stage. Where budding performers of all varieties can get up and perform in between other pre-arranged group workshops and happenings.

Unearthed Bar

Balancing alcohol and mindfulness can be illusive, they dont always go hand in hand. We have taken the view that we can do bars better. All drinks are organic and or local. You will never find big name cheap mass produced beers or fizzy drinks. But you will find the best quality fair trade and organic cola’s, organic beers from Pembrokeshire, a mix of quality spirits and cocktails. There is undoubtedly a wicked vibe here. Dont be surprised if you walk in and mistake the bar staff for talented dance performers (well, talented dancers is perhaps a stretch), but you can guarantee a smile on their faces and tent full of old and new friends.

Kids stuff is going on all around the festival. For smaller kids we have the kids tent which is aimed at the under 9’s with story telling, arts and crafts, comedy as well as kids yoga and meditation. This is also the gathering place for the Jungle Cubs procession, but please check final details closer to the time.

With sessions lasting between 1-2 hours, activities have included metal working, drumming and didgeridoo, body awareness and movement, sessions on birthing, homeopathy, renewable energy and an eclectic mix of topics and activities to engage the mind and body. Other workshops include wood working, basic metal working and various arts and crafts sessions.

Circus and associated performances have always been a part of Unearthed. With various aerial performances including hoop, silk and trapeze this area offers the opportunity to spectate and get involved with circus. Each day in the middle of the festival there will be sessions on juggling and introductory acrobatics. Expect juggligers, stilt walkers, magicians and comedy walk around performances.

We heard feedback about the need for more food and drink options, so this year we are inviting new food and soft drink providers. Still 100% vegetarian. The Food Souk is the go to area in the Main Arena for your culinary delights, though there will also be a cafe and sweet treats available in the Temple Arena (New for 2022).