Face & Foot Reflexology

Down chan zone is a really exciting fairly new but recognised face Reflexology with Morwenna Grey, it is based on Vietnamese maps and was produced and tested by acupuncturists. It is recognised the best natural holistic treatment with the fastest acting responses for pain. It can be tried for any mental or physical ailment or disease. It works with symptoms with the nervous system, like Reflexology, however a consultation focuses on the symptoms felt. Therefore how an ailment is felt or presented, we then choose a specific system to work on. Hormonal, respiratory etc, I do a very relaxing treatment with just this system. The other great thing is that they then can take this specific map and work on themselves for 21 days. Something they can keep for self- treatment and exploration forever. I also do foot and hand reflexology. I usually have a salt, hemp warm bath to soak feet as well. And a lovely lemon or cucumber water at the finish of a treatment.