Indigo Latto

A dancer’s DJ and weekly dancer at creative and conscious dance classes and workshops for over 20 years and studied dance at university.
A conscious dance workshop facilitator of Cacao Ecstatic Dance and weekly Ecstatic Dance and Beach Dance Community Celebrations in Pembrokeshire, West Wales.
Recent ecstatic dance workshops and deejaying away highlights include Unearthed Festival, Westival, Kundalini Clubbing, Buddhafield and Rumble Festivals.
A life long sober conscious dancer with roots in the early rave scene in the UK and it’s open hearted oneness, that brought a generation together. Now he is committed to carrying this JOY over into conscious dance for every one!

Always Deejaying for 30 years, playing countless clubs, free parties and festivals in different countries and across the UK.

His sound has deeply engaging basslines with world rhythms and ecstatic beautiful melodies. All combined in a deep healing, inner journey for the pure blissful emotions of JOY and ECSTACY!
Known for his joyful and truly ecstatic and world music inspired, fusion sounds. You will be deeply satisfied in the bass, so come, enter the sonorous soundscape of a new earth with sweet melodies, warm basslinss & world rhythms in oneness.
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