Louise Bellairs

Art of Sacred Geometry.


Louise Bellairs is a practitioner of sacred geometry, specialising in the flower of life. For over 17 years Louise has been researching and creating all things sacred geometry with passion and dedication. This is evident in the large body of work and art that she has produced. The depth and understanding that Louise has gained is so profound and illuminating that it ignited in her a dedication to share this almost lost art of interconnection and self-realisation. Recognising and overcoming the often off-putting diagrammatical and mathematical nature of explaining the subject, she offers a visual and experiential interpretation by means of various media.

Whether it is her beautifully adorned and intrinsically accurate artwork or her engaging, meditative and highly stylised, well produced videos with accompanying talk and guided teachings or her event space wall hangings; Louise’s impact in the world of sacred geometry is a visual tour de force that stays with you forever.