Michaela Williams & Richard Down – Trance Healing Tribe 

Trance Healing Tribe Collaboration with Michaela Williams and Richard Down


Join us in altered states of consciousness to catalyse healing and expansion through elevated states.


In this ultra relaxing shamanic trance Michaela  guides you through an experience of  self healing in the quantum field ; facilitating trauma integration, vagus nerve and nervous system balancing, deep grounding; energy clearing and expansion. You will journey through the morphogenetic fields ( vital energy, mental and supra mental field) in expanded states of consciousness to release accumulated  cellular and psychoemotional stress and resistance. You will bring a sense of safety, harmony, and joy to your being.  You will experience increase in self awareness, bring new energy in,  and connect with your multidimensional being.  Michaela will be doing shamanic  healing  sound transmission throughout the journey. 


Michaela Williams is creator of QRISTA Method, trauma expert, initiated shaman,  integrative medicine doctorate PhD student at Quantum University, neurohacker, flutist. She specialises in transgenerational and childhood trauma integration/ soul retrieval, post traumatic stress disorder,  depression, anxiety; and works with altered states as the environment for self healing, and potential awakening. 


QRISTA Method is cutting edge neural rewiring integrative medicine   neural  self healing method. It  facilitates rapid integration of root causes of childhood and transgenerational trauma, healing the vagus nerve and nervous system, recovery from depression, anxiety , ptsd; and activating dormant DNA strands, awakening potential . The method is founded on integrative medicine, neuroplasticity, shamanism and quantum physics.  Michaela created the method in trance states whilst undergoing shamanic initiation that left her severely disabled with complex ptsd, seizures, brain and vagus nerve damage; the aftermath of fighting several life threatening illnesses and excrutiating pains. 


Michaela works with people privately online, from QRISTA Clinic Sanctuary and Trance Healing Tribe groups. 


Jurema Dreaming medicine sound journey you will experience in the trance  was custom created for  QRISTA Method by Richard Down. This is a live version. It  is a medicine sound journey and shamanic blessing set to bring healing effects and deep relaxation. A sacred soundscape arriving to powerful Shipibo Icaro healing song incantation. Jurema Dreaming was created through shamanic vision and sound healing design to support trauma healing in these times. It can be used for ceremony, trance induction, breathwork and ritual.


Richard Down is icaro shaman, a spiritual adviser and creator of healing sound, with professional background in psychotherapy, hypnosis  and neurolinguistics. 

Over the years many people have sought Richard’s help with a variety of different conditions and issues ranging from drug psychosis, addictions, fears and anxieties, depressions, feelings of confusion and overwhelm as well as many physical ailments. 

To join the ceremony – bring something comfortable to lay on (mats, pillows, blankets, scarf  to put over your eyes), water and arrive 10  – 15mins before the start. 

Please note this ceremony is not suitable for people with psychotic mental health disorders; pregnant ladies and may not be suitable for serious medical conditions.   


Michaela – Join Trance Healing Tribe  https://www.facebook.com/trancehealingtribe

instagram @traumaexpert   @trancehealingtribe




Richard – https://www.facebook.com/richardjames.down.1

instagram @richardjamesdown


Richards Bandcamp link for more ambient healing sounds    https://richarddownshaman.bandcamp.com/releases