Shaun Kirwan

By drawing on his western Geomancy training, his Shamanic and Buddhist backgrounds, Shaun has developed intuitive techniques for Earth Healing, and creating sacred space. He is a natural psychic and dowser. Shaun is a designer of Stone Circles, sacred sites, medicine wheels and labyrinths, including the Fern Hill Farm Stone Circle and Sunrise 2012 Venus Transit Circle. He has natural affinity to Nature Spirits and Elementals, and works with them to bring healing and harmony to places and landscapes. He is also actively involved in researching energy grids and other geomantic features and Ley alignments. Shaun has been teaching dowsing and awareness of earth energies for years. He is often seen at various  conscious festivals throughout the year, (inc. Unearthed festival & Sunrise, to name a few),  where his practical, enthusiastic and easy manner make him a popular presenter. Shaun also organises events and Avalon Rising Talks Space at festivals, and is involved in Megalithomania conference.  His Geomantic consultancy operating since 2003, includes home and landscape healing and sacred space creation.