The Goddess of Many Names

The Goddess of Many Names: Temple of Amor. A sacred sensuality temple space for all genders, a place to explore conscious curiosity and relational authenticity. A safe space to join in practices such as Shibari, Tantric Communication, Sensual journeys, and share wisdom on Submission & Domination, Open Relating, Conscious Kink and sharing circles.

The first Workshop up is Tantric Communication, which describes the weave of Tantra with the art of communication and needs expression. Supporting those in relationship to discover deeper levels of intimacy and connection. Combining practices from schools of Tantra and Contemporary Psychotherapy, this 90minute Workshop will provide tools to cultivate curiosity, facilitate emotional and physical ‘joining’ and embody Tantra in all romantic partnerships.

The space is ran by Hugo Metcalfe & Deya CacaoAmor.

Hugo is a conscious explorer, psychologist, integrative therapist, inspirational speaker, coach, Shrin Yoku practitioner and artist. His mission is to help people find joy, connection and excitement in their lives. Seeking growth through curiosity and exploration and compassion through awareness. As a curious human, he spent years traveling the globe seeking new knowledge, language and experiences.

He is a bundle of energy, joy and creativity, filled with knowledge, tools and awareness.

Deya is a Cacao sorceress, Chakra Dancing and Creative Meditation facilitator, Priestess of the Temple of Amor and the founder of CacaoAmor. No one quite embodies the Cacao spirit like Deya does. Her mission is to share the healing powers of Cacao, expanding joy and love whilst taking care of the Earth. She is a beautiful being of light, laughter and the energetic embodiment of joy inherent in the spirit of Cacao.

She works with a cooperative in Ecuador exporting ceremonial grade cacao, protecting biodiverse farms, ancient trees and the people who care for them, whilst providing premium quality Cacao to the world.