The Magic Wardrobe

The Magic Wardrobe by Maya Mitten is a travelling portal that has graced many an event, exhibition and festival including Shambala, Sunrise and the Green Man festival where it was featured by BBC Wales (2013) as a highlight of the event – also a marriage proposal by the Magic Wardrobe took place here; though I wasn’t there to witness and only heard later on in the day! (She said yes by the way). I think the Magic of the Wardrobe is the fact that you peep through the tiny peephole and seeing a bigger space than the wardrobe itself feels like magic..through my experimentation of illusion, mirrors, props, lighting and sound I have been developing a bigger ‘room’ each time with views into another ‘adjoining room’ all held in the space of an ordinary single door wardrobe…imagine Joseph Cornell and Escher let loose in the Narnia wardrobe and you can possibly grasp the concept!