Womb Blessing and Womb Healing

A Womb Blessing is both a healing and a communion with the Divine Feminine, the space is held by Angie Northwood (Spirals of Wellbeing).

A woman can receive a Womb Blessing to address feminine issues related directly to the womb such as the menstrual cycle, fertility, pregnancy or other issues.  The Womb Blessing is also powerful in a general way to help women in the process of remembering and reconnecting to of our deep feminine essence with all of the power, mystery and beauty it holds..  It awakens and activates the feminine archetypes we hold within and supports us in accessing their power and wisdom in our everyday lives.

It can also be received as a rite of passage for life changes or as part of other traditional rites of passage such as marriage/divorce, birth/death, pregnancy, menarche, menopause, spiritual or personal development, etc.