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  • Wren and Robbie

    An atmosphere for you to relax into- Multi-lingual melodies by Wren Thomas (Welsh/Au) and sounds from the beautiful hand drafted Celtic harp by Robby Neil (Au). Tune in to yourself, move or be still, and let the sound transport you.

  • Wizard and Woops,

    Drenchtown resident DJs on a mission.   No genre off limits.  plus LUX LOOPER:  VJ, projectionist, master criminal and all round freelance smart arse lighting up the space.

  • Unearthed Talent show

    It’s an open stage invitation!   What talent will the festival Unearth and where did we dig those judges up from?  Message Drenchtownrock on facebook or turn up before the show to book your place.  Everyone’s a winner!

  • Some like it hot, woodfired sauna and hot tub

    Relax in the woodfired sauna and hot tub, let your stresses melt away, under the open sky, with friends old and new. The heart of Drenchtown, an elemental treat

  • Shanty le Hara

    We play an eclectic mix of Folk, Bluegrass, Americana and a whole lot of Gypsy but we are buskers at heart and will try anything that takes our fancy!

  • Rob Why?

    You’ll know Why? after hearing him shimmy a dancefloor more than a flapper girls tassles. Expect Dirty bass, Funky breaks, Bassline, Swing and DnB all seamlessly rolled together in a bundle of mashups and high energy.

  • QiGong with Sam Hawthorn

    A holistic system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, and meditation.  Balance your life energy at the start of the day.

  • Pembrokeshire Fire Spinners.

    The flaming youth led by the Pembrokeshire fire spinners accompanied by drummers.   Welcoming the shortest night of the year using an array of props to blow your mind..

  • One.Z

    One_z has been in the game for a handful of years now, holding down Back To Bassix in Haverfordwest and taking his show to all corners of wales and beyond. After sharing decks with the likes of Ed Solo, Deekline, Serial Killaz and many more,...

  • Maya Mitten

    Miss Mitten is back at Drenchtown with a whole bundle of eclecticness in her musical bag – expect afrobeats, roots reggae grooves, dancefloor dubbyness with spontaneous pockets of mischief; aural collage to match her visual collage… Highly recommended & Not to be missed!!!

  • Lux Looper

    Spawned in the seminal London Acid House scene of 1988. By 1991 he was partied out and in hiding but he has been persuaded to break cover with an 88-91 classics of house vinyl at Drenchtown this year.

  • Klub da Youth

    Open decks for young talent on the Drenchtown stage through an 8k rig.  DJ’s (under 18s) spinning tunes before the crowd raving it up on the dancefloor.  To apply for a DJ slot message Drenchtownrock on facebook.

  • Kilimanjaro

    Kilamanjaro taking you on a journey through deep bass and soulful sounds. Silent Disco Midnight till 5am.

  • Hugo da Boss

    Hip hop based scratch DJ that specialises in multi-genre mashups and all things funky.

  • Ecstatic Dance with Indigo

    Indigo bringing conscious ecstatic dance touching your heart and soul. With 20 years of experience to uplift and focus your intentions for the festival preparing you for a weekend of bliss.

  • Drenchtown Games Olympic

    Test your mettle.  Games of all categories indoors and outside.  It’s time to play!

  • Drenchtown Cabaret

    Chaos and mayhem artfully takes over  Drenchtown with a cocktail of live music and performances on and off the stage.  A Vagony Aunt is on duty to solve your problems .   It Beggars Belief  that when the monarch abdicates everything grinds to a halt.

  • Beggars Belief

    Beggar’s Belief are a brighton based band with a passion for folk music from all corners of the world. Drifting along a path less travelled from hot club France to Yiddish weddings in cockney London, sailing south to southern Spain and the Balkans, fiddling with...

  • Bare Roots

    Bare roots are a Pembrokeshire based Reggae band, celebrating good vibes with fat bass lines, conscious lyrics and sweet melodies.