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  • Womb Blessing and Womb Healing

    A Womb Blessing is both a healing and a communion with the Divine Feminine, the space is held by Angie Northwood (Spirals of Wellbeing). A woman can receive a Womb Blessing to address feminine issues related directly to the womb such as the menstrual cycle,...

  • TreeSisters – The Map to Finding Your Fullest Magnificence

    Powerful experiential workshop taking you on a journey into deep sisterhood where we support each other to reach for our unique gifts, our full authentic self expression and to step into our fullest magnificence as women. For women only. TreeSisters is a global women’s organisation that...

  • Tea Ceremony – Be Still Flow

    With Claire Christie. A Tea Ceremony allows our senses to awaken, to feel the presence of the elements, the presence of self-connecting to Mother Earth, nature, trees, to her leaves – TEA. Her spirit flows to our hearts as we sit in ceremony, in honour of...

  • Tea Ceremony

    Tea realigns us with our higher truth. It connects us to Nature, through the earth, water, mountain and weather, as well as to the Heavens through sun, moon and star shine. Tea also connects us to each other, creating harmony between people.

  • Spiral Yoga

    Yoga and meditation workshop with Dale Ryan using beautiful mediation techniques, involving movement and flow to build energy and then using stillness to encourage you to go deeper within yourself. This technique uses principles of Kundalini Yoga. This meditation is guided by simple music for...

  • Seraphim Healing

    An introduction into what Seraphim healing is and how it works through your body systems with Sarah Copley. A meditation to relax and guide you into receiving the healing (45-60 minutes) including sound healing (tuning forks, drum and tibetan bowls)

  • Sacred Singing

    Come learn songs from different cultures including Wales to deepen our connection to the elements, to ourselves and to each other. We will use a drum and rattles.

  • Reflexology / Massage / Yoga

    Reflexology/Massage/yoga (including for Kids) with Hayley Holden whose approach to facilitating a workshop is flexibility, tailoring content to those that attend, ensuring everyone takes something back with them. ‘I am very passionate about my skills, loving sharing my experiences/knowledge to help others feel well. I...

  • Reflexology & meditation (Chan Style)

    The style is in the Chinese Chan Buddhist tradition with Samantha Heath and will involve a short talk on the method followed by silent sitting and tea served afterwards. There might be a chance to host a visiting Buddhist Monk in Chinese tradition to chant...

  • Nature’s Divine Delights

    Holistic wellness session with Sally Jefferyes-White including exploring some beautiful aromatherapy oils and what they can do for us emotional and physically. With a focus on the emotion collection of specific blends of oils that we can resonate with when having an emotions cleanse in...

  • Living in a New Paradigm – from Ego to Essence

    Elemental sound healing journey into Oneness & Connection with Hoppi Wimbush. This is a guided experience through the key elements that make all of life thrive …Feel the beauty of real connection, of living in authentic soulful Being


    Morning and Evening prayers, meditation, philosophy talk and Kirtan (meditational music) at different times throughout the day

  • From Ego to Essence

    A transformative journey in creative expression using a range of modalities to give a direct experience of source.

  • Famous Mantra Chanting

    The Hare Krishna’s will be enlightening you throughout the day with their famous mantra chanting with traditional indian instruments in their temple marquee.Every morning from 10am  there will be bhajans and discussions on philosophy.Come and meditate,chill out or learn.

  • Face & Foot Reflexology

    Down chan zone is a really exciting fairly new but recognised face Reflexology with Morwenna Grey, it is based on Vietnamese maps and was produced and tested by acupuncturists. It is recognised the best natural holistic treatment with the fastest acting responses for pain. It...

  • EFT: Meridian Energy Tapping for Daily Brilliance

    Bring your Body, Mind and Emotion to life through Emotional Freedom Techniques with Craig Trafford. These body tapping techniques combining ancient acupressure and modern psychology, are refreshingly simple. Tapping is proven to transform issues as chronic as PTSD, Anxiety, Fears and Phobias. When used in...

  • Dream Proving

    Awakening conscious energetic medicine through a Dream Proving with Amanda Clifford. Sacred safe space for journeying via a Dream Proving using a Homeopathic Remedy. Dreams are often enlightening and usually the prover, having been drawn to it in the first place has a profound healing...

  • Creating Transformational Birth

    For women and their families who are preparing for a transformational birth experience, who desire to dive deeply into the rite of passage of birth and beyond.

  • College of Sound Healing

    INNER HARMONY – Discover your sacred voice Sarah Stephenson and Hara Willow, Sound healers and tutors from the College of Sound Healing, offer sacred sound healing workshops. Grounded within a sacred circle, this workshop will focus on attuning yourself to your highest vibration through the...

  • Cacao Ceremony with Deya

    Deya was born in Ecuador and has lived in many places around the world. She is a Cacao Sorceress, Yoga Instructor, Tonic Herb Enthusiast, Workshop facilitator and Nature’s advocate. A Cacao Sorceress listens and responds to the call of the Spirit of Cacao; sharing messages of...

  • Breathing space

    Scaravelli inspired yoga with Louise Cook – This is a deep and meditative practice, working from the inside out. Building core strength and awareness with attention to gravity, the spine and the flow of the breath.  It is a very individual practice, open to all,...

  • Blood mysteries workshop for women and men

    Blood mysteries workshop for women and men with Yeshe. Sharing how the male and female fertility cycles differ, the effect this has upon our culture and what it means for women and men to honour the cyclical fertility cycle of the feminine. This workshop happens...

  • Beyond the Veil – Sacred Sound

    Craig Shankster (Gongs and Himalayan Singing Bowls) and Shion Buschner (Harmonium and voice),. Experience the world of sacred sound through sound journeying.

  • Amanda Clifford – Introduction to Homeopathy

    Intro to Homeopathy covering first aid /acute situations.

  • Alchemical Recoding Healing System

    In this deeply immersive workshop we explore and experience how healing our emotions and integrating trauma shifts our values, enhances our daily living and serves as a catalyst to accessing higher functioning consciousness. Come experience the transformational power of healing trauma with quantum medicine.