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  • The Walkabout Clown

    Owen Roach is a walkabout clown, trained in the classic style of clowning. (Not the white faced chuckles the clown style) He delivers slap stick performances for all ages, He also juggles (balls, clubs, knives) He can also teach small groups of children to juggle...

  • Suprise YOU!

    We are adding to this area right up until the last minute, that means that there will be stuff happening on the day that we haven’t added here. So….on the day, check the notice board by the kids tent for a daily rundown of whats...

  • Origami Poetry cafe

    Origami Poetry cafe is a sensory personalised experience with Elzbieta Siwinska. Incorporates scented paper and different types of paper from music sheets to travel guides and cook books. While a Poet writes you a personalised poem we enjoy the art of paper folding. All the...

  • Nature Crafts for Children or Adults

    Open ended crafts with high quality eco materials designed to inspire and encourage creativity with Emma Gleave. Emphasis is on enjoying the process, connecting with natural materials, the earth, others and expressing yourself rather than the end result. Crafts include needle felting, wet felting, sewing...

  • Folk singing & story telling

    A folk singing and storytelling workshop for kids with Ellie Ford. Getting kids involved with learning easy folk songs and the stories they tell.

  • Fire Donkey Productions

    Welcome To The Future is an environmentally conscious dystopian sci-fi adventure for kids set a thousand years in the future when the world is being ruled by a race of mutant carrots. Contains scenes of mild carrot-related violence.

  • Dancing Bee

    Children’s Movement Workshop with Fae Ford. This Dance workshop is a creative movement and meditation class for children. We will be moving through different elements (Earth, air, fire, water and ether) expressing many feelings through our bodies, using coloured fabrics to dance with. We also...

  • A galaxies workshop for all ages

    A galaxies workshop for all ages with Sarah Marshall. Pastels and crushed pigments will be used to create immersive multi coloured galaxies! All welcome.   Note* Due to Materials this workshop will be limited to 15 per session.