Sacred Sound Unearthed

New in 2018 this was a next level addition. Led by renowned sound guides Bear Love, Shion Buschner and Craig Shankster, this is all about the power of sound and vibration to take our mind, bodies and awareness to a place deep within, like a guided meditation, that can be felt too in the physical.


At Sacred Sound Unearthed we’re inviting you to an opportunity to go deep with the power of sound.
We’ll be offering gongbaths, Gong QiGong, sound and voice improvisations, Bhajans, baby Bhajans, trance meditations and late night sonic mystery tours. It’ll be a full and deeply nourishing program.

Themed around the “Sacred Healing” of Sound, Music, Voice and Spirit, Sacred Sound Unearthed is a daily programme of Sacred Sound events including Morning Meditation, Qi Gong, Sound Journeys, Bhajan, Cosmic Music as well as 1-2-1 ‘Gong Healing’ sessions. Journey Within is a self-contained offering and presents the programme from a dedicated marquee.













Bear Love:

Since 2002, Bear Love has been working as a spiritual guide and healer. He uses the medium of sound and prayer to help others find their inner peace and joy. Bear works directly with Spirit; rather than thinking of the way he steps aside and allows Spirit’s inner resonance to be his only Guide.

“Our divine Self calls to us lovingly, that we may each choose to go beyond our fears and merge with the radiant and peaceful awareness of Love’s Presence”, Bear says.

“Looking forward to sharing with you all, with an open heart and a fountain of love! Bear Love






Craig Shankster:

Harmonic Sound Practitioner and founder of Silence In Sound, Craig has studied Sound Therapy and Vibrational & Harmonic Healing in Nepal, USA and UK and offers both community based and 1-2-1 therapy in his home town of Machynlleth.

“I first encountered Himalayan Singing Bowls in 1982 during my first visit to Kathmandu, Nepal. It was a discovery that would change my life. The sounds emanating from these mystical instruments were primordial and I connected in such a deep and profound way, words cannot properly describe it.” Craig says.

“Since that early experience Singing Bowls and Nepalese Singing Gongs have become my life and used in my daily meditation practice. I have amassed a wonderful collection of these beautiful bowls and receive great joy in sharing their ‘magick’.”





Jacquie Shankster

With an intuitive gift of healing and holding a sacred space, Jacquie brings a peaceful stillness with a touch of magic to the Journey Within.  As a Reiki Master, Kinesiologist and a natural born healer, Jacquie has led and held space in many a sound-journey meditation and energy healing workshops. Jacquie has a deep sense of working with subtle forces and to create a powerful space for transformation. The intent here for the Journey Within is to create a blessed atmosphere and to raise the vibration in the marquee to the maximum. For that Jacquie uses Sacred and Shamanic items and focussed prayer.








Shankara Andy Bole

Shankara is a multi instrumentalist, arranger and composer with a highly respected international reputation. He is a member of Bonfire Radicals, one of 7 guitarists in Daevid Allen’s Glissando Guitar Orchestra.  He has over the past several years played in some of the finest Acoustic bands, most notably the legendary Bushbury Mountain Daredevils and The Late Night Band who for many years were regarded as two of the finest acts in the U.K.

Shankara has performed at concerts in Europe and America with members of Fairport Convention, Jay Sean, Gong, Damo Suzuki, Blowzabella, Daevid Allen, The Electric Light Orchestra, Acid Mothers Temple, Dave Stewart and has studied the Hansa Veena with renowned Indian classical musician Barun Kumar Pal.