We are excited to announce the launch of the Temple Arena at this year’s Unearthed festival.  The Temple itself is a new significant venue at the centre of this arena, the purpose of the venue is to inspire conscious participation in wellness activities such as, yoga, dance,  sacred ceremony and so much more that our community has to share.
Each morning will begin with a variety of yoga workshops and ceremonies to welcome the day.  Followed by drop in dance and vocal workshop experiences.  Every day we will be offering 5 Rhythms with Alex Mackay and Joseph Caswell to live music.  Later in the afternoon will dive deep in closed workshops with experienced and celebrated practitioners such as Trance Healing Tribe.  And every night we will finish with a sacred dance until midnight. 
We hope that The Temple Arena will be a vibrant and dynamic space that promotes a spirit of consciousness and awareness that will proliferate across the festival, the incubator for a caring, supportive, loving and joyful community.


The Temple will also have it’s own Shaksouka Cafe offering Delicious Traditional Middle Eastern Shaksouka, plant based hot dogs, hot & cold drinks and raw cakes. All dishes are Vegan or Vegetarian. You can view the menu below

The Loving Collaborative

Tango dance is a medicine for connection. It was created by the people for the people. Join us to learn this beautiful art in a gentle & respectful way. All ages & abilities welcome. We will dance, have live music & the entrancing energy tango

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Carina George

Carina is passionate about making yoga accessible yet challenging and finds real purpose in sharing her knowledge and connecting students to the practice’s higher purpose. From her acclaimed restorative classes to her creative vinyasa flows, Carina’s unique classes take students of all levels on a

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The Goddess of Many Names

The Goddess of Many Names: Temple of Amor. A sacred sensuality temple space for all genders, a place to explore conscious curiosity and relational authenticity. A safe space to join in practices such as Shibari, Tantric Communication, Sensual journeys, and share wisdom on Submission &

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Hoppi Wimbush

Birth your own 18” shamanic drum and learn the different ways to work with this magical instrument Enter into a journey with sacred crafting to birth your own shamanic drum. This is a dedicated journey that will take six hours to complete resulting in the

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Carrie Tree

Carrie Tree will be offering a unique acoustic concert that she has titled – ‘Music To Feed The Heart ‘.  With a powerful capacity for storytelling, Carrie weaves her soulful voice around guitar and percussion, often touching on poignant subject’s and delivered through the heart.

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The Temple Shakshouka Menu