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Dear brothers and sisters of the Unearthed community,
This is the message you may have been expecting……
Unearthed Festival is postponed until 17th – 19th of June 2022. 
There we have it, its official. By this point in time I doubt anyone will wonder why, but to be clear – the risk to everyone of creating an environment which brings people together at time when social distancing rules are getting tighter just does not make sense on any level. 
To continue to plan for the festival given the uncertainty is no longer feasible.
However our plans for 2022 can now include all the goodness from PREVIOUS years, plus hopefully some of the other wish list happenings that we couldn’t squeeze in for this year!
“When the winds of change blow, some build walls, some build windmills”
Whilst we can’t share our creativity together in person at this time, we encourage you to take the opportunity, like a retreat, to learn and practice the things that you have wanted to learn but not had the time to. Yoga, Meditation – both very doable at home, pick up that instrument that’s sitting in the corner of the room, write a poem or story or put paint to paper on the easel.
Tickets and volunteer deposits will automatically roll over for the 2022 event. And what a year 2022 is going to be! By rolling your ticket over you will also be helping sustain the event to make it through to next year. As you can imagine, we have already committed to significant spend which we will be unable to recoup from this year. If you have queries about your ticket you can contact The Ticket Sellers and volunteers can email [email protected].
Lastly, we want to thank you all, all the tribes that come together that vision and commit huge amounts of energy to build this gathering. You are awesome!
Many will recognise the now anthemic tune that has become a closing finale on Sunday night… see the clip below. It puts a smile on our faces every time, so we put together a downloadable ringtone. We hope it reminds you that you are awesome and similarly puts a smile on your face. 
From the entire Unearthed Festival crew,
We wish you peace, love and understanding,
Unearthed Festival

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