Unearthed is very grateful for the peaceful army of volunteers that create the event each year. If you would like to get involved, please complete the form below.

Volunteer jobs range from working the bar, front gate, litter collection, set up and pack down including construction of toilets and showers, car park and general help. We also are specifically looking for a qualified electrician.

When completing the form please highlight any areas of experience you have in any of the above.

Volunteers tend to work 2 x 6 hour shifts if working during the festival and 2 x 8 hours if during set up and or pack down, though flexibility is much appreciated.

Each volunteer receives a weekend ticket, a meal per shift during the festival and two meals a day you work during set up / pack down.

This year we are asking for a £60 deposit from all volunteers that will be refunded once you have completed your shifts. Money is returned via bank transfer / PayPal within a week of the end of the festival.

Once you click ‘Submit and Pay’ you will be redirected to PayPal to pay your deposit. No applications will be considered unless the volunteer payment has been received.

Please note we will require a £60 deposit which will be refunded within a week after the event

Traders & Workshops

We love to help facilitate a space for you to present your wares.
Spaces are limited, but we would love to hear from you if you would like to join in.

We are asking for a minimum donation of £70 for the three days, which is the same cost as a locals ticket. Amounts above this are also of course welcome.

We would kindly ask that if possible donations are made prior to the event starting, if possible.

Each pitch comes with an allocation of 3 tickets for your crew. Additional tickets can be purchased for the discounted rate of £70, down from £85, maximum 7. If you have kids (under 17) in your family, and require more than three tickets, we are more than happy to include them and dont expect you to pay for them, just please let us know so we can prepare the correct wristbands for you on arrival.

All stalls must be set up with vehicles of the site by 9am on the Friday.
Pack down can begin from 6am on the Monday.

We feel it’s best for the vibe of the event not to be packing down whilst the festival is still ongoing.

Vehicle access is restricted during the hours and days of the festival itself. There is however a car park available for loading. We don’t have space for permanent parking or camping in this car park. It is there to help get heavy items as close to your stall as possible whilst the event is taking place and vehicle access to the field itself is closed.


We are now full for new pitch applications.

Artists (walk-around / workshops & other)

Walk around acts and workshops are very much welcomed. Each year we would like to increase the diversity of these performances and workshops, so if you would like to get involved, please do submit the form below.




We have very limited space for musicians, but please do submit the form below if you would like us to take a listen. We love hearing from you and checking out your music.

Please include a photo and a link to a recording or video of your act.

We will  also be running a competition for a slot on the main stage.

Music creates such an important part of the vibe, we very much encourage you to come with instruments as even if we don’t have space on the main stage, there is also the ‘Free Stage’ for any performers to use.

We have 3 slots available for acts wishing to play for a ticket swap on the Free Stage.

The Free stage performance must be acoustic due to license restrictions.


We are now full for musical artists for 2018

Where we are