We are sorry to say that we cannot welcome our furry friends. We love dogs too, but there are concerns from the licensing committee within the council, as well as concern from parents of children who fear dogs.

The only exception is guide dogs and dogs required for certain workshops.

Only people with a weekend ticket will be allowed into the camping area.

Due to increasing demand for camper vans, which we definitely love, we are having to place a small charge and limit spaces.  It is imperative that you put blocks under the wheels of your vehicles when stationary to stop the car rolling.

No cars are allowed in the camping field, it just makes the ground muddy and difficult to drive through. There is a free car park available just 200-300m from the camping field and 100m to the main festival field.

Camping made easy at Unearthed

Not wanting the hassle of putting up your own tent for this festival?
Want to just turn up and enjoy activities without the struggle of fighting with tent pegs etc?
Why not just turn up to a pre-pitched tent with everything included.
We are offering a 20% discount to all campers wishing to book with us for this delightful event.
Contact: Helen on 07969 649180 or check out our website www.campingincomfortpembrokeshire.co.uk

Tickets will be available via our website, facebook and Ticketsource.
It is very much advisable to buy in advance.
The ‘Family Ticket’. This ticket applies for two adults and up to 3 children at a reduced rate.

Day tickets for 2018 are only available for the Sunday the 1st of July and can be bought online 1 month before the event or at the front gate.

Vans / campers / horse boxes etc; We love live ins, but due to limited space we are charging this year. The proceeds go to covering costs associated with lots of vehicles in the fields, namely matting for the floor and 4×4’s and tracktors to pull people out when stuck. This is not about profit, there is a limited number of live in vehicle spaces at a cost of £25,

We will be checking for tickets before you enter the main site, so please have your digital tickets, or printed available to be scanned when you arrive. This will take place before you enter the car park.

Box office and front gate are open from 10am until midnight.

Please take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footsteps.

By this we mean if you bring it, please take it away with you.

We use a local recycling company who process all waste and have a 90% plus recycling rate.

Despite this we encourage you to be aware of what you are bringing. In particular food and drink that comes in single use plastic we really encourage you to avoid.

The site is on an old farm which has been in the organisors family for generations.

The fields are fairly level, with a tarmac lane between the camping field and festival field. If its gets wet, it can be tricky to traverse. We are aiming to improve disabled access, we too have friends who need wheel chairs. But please bare with us, as the festival grows so do our facilities, but we know we are not yet as good as we would like them to be.

We have a reserved toilet for wheel chair access, please ask a volunteer for information and a key.

All toilets are compost loos of the long drop variety.

We are building more showers for 2017.

These are a work in progress.


You don’t need them guys. Your minds and personalities a beautiful enough without them!

Being realistic, humans, like other beings, enjoy mind-altering substances, we have for a long time and probably always will. We are also aware that we do sell alcohol and caffeine.  So to be clear, hard drugs such as cocaine, if found will be confiscated and you will be asked to leave. We don’t want no cocaine in the brain!

Drugs that make you less aware of your surroundings and more egotistical are just not cool.

Plants can be medicines, and arguably have lesser negative effects. But use them carefully and consciously. If the plant / substance is classed as illegal, you are taking full responsibility as sensible beings for side effects and unlawful activity.

We don’t condone or encourage drugs.  Please be careful, and look after each other, this is a child friendly event.

The front gates will open at 10am on Friday the 1st.
The festival finishes late Sunday night (main stage off at 12.30pm followed by a silent disco in Drenchtown)

Campers are welcome from Wednesday the 27th, we ask that all campers are kindly off site on Monday the 2nd July.