Unearthed In a Field is about unearthing something hidden within. Something that lies deep within us, sub language, sub thought, like an underground stream that connects us all and nourishes.

We are very much about the Earth, environment and universe.

As a festival we feel its important to have a focus for celebration. We recognized some time ago that there are groups of people who are already well practiced in spiritual ways of life, sustainable ways of living, some people call these groups ‘hippies’. Equally there are large groups within our community that allocate no mental attention to these things, but live contented lives none the less pursuing what some people would call the more ‘mainstream’ culture.

It is our understanding that there are benefits to all by bringing us together, regardless of what group others put us in.

Unearthed in a Field is not about groups. Its about oneness. About creating a space where people of all backgrounds can come together peacefully and share knowledge, skills, conversations, laughter and dance.

The philosophy of this event is about the expansion of consciousness. This may take the form of expanding conscious awareness of material items, or for some this expansion will occur within the field of the more ethereal.

We are not here to tell you where you need to expand into. We are here to create a space where you feel comfortable to find your own curiosities. Through these experiences we hope you leave feeling uplifted, with more understanding of the world and each other. We believe this helps us to feel more contentment and create a better world.